Boyd Cat Chooses West Virginia Steel for Caterpillar 777G Coal Body Assembly

West Virginia Steel is proud to announce our latest venture, the Caterpillar 777G Gateless Coal Body. These colossal beds are engineered to hold an astounding 144 cubic yards of coal, equivalent to a remarkable 105 tons. We are honored to have been entrusted with this project by Boyd Cat, the esteemed local Caterpillar Dealer.

Straight from the Caterpillar production line, these brand-new coal bodies have been delivered to us for meticulous assembly and prompt delivery to our valued mining customers in the local area. Our commitment to quality and precision shines as we embark on this new endeavor.

Each Caterpillar 777G Gateless Coal Body arrives in four distinct components: two sides, a central section, and the canopy. Our seasoned team of experts meticulously crafts these pieces together in a seamless process that typically spans five days.

We are thrilled to announce that West Virginia Steel is at the forefront of this assembly process, marking a significant milestone in our company’s history. As we continue to set new standards for efficiency and reliability, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more updates as we drive innovation and excellence in the mining industry.

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