RMIS Corporation Product List

Welcome to Rmis corporation.

Our core business is supplying customers. We will deliver the product, the service, or the person you require to support your business operations to the location of your choice. Your need is our priority. Whether it’s steel girders for a commercial building, landscaping for the plant entrance or bags of candy for the office. When you call, our response is, “yes, we provide that.”

RMIS of Mount Hope, WV - Warehouse

The inventory at RMIS Corporation is designed to meet the needs of the coal producer and the industrial market. Its diversity ranges from water to tools to track switches. We have disposable supplies that are integral parts of day-to-day mining operations and the ability to provide products from point of origin to final use. RMIS Corporation also maintains an inventory of used conveyor belts, structure, and equipment to sell to customers at a price considerably less than the cost of new materials. Our employees will retrieve those items from job sites, or we will purchase materials delivered to our location(s).

RMIS of Graham, KY - Warehouse

RMIS Corporation – Graham, KY specializes in supplying MRO items, welding and fabrication services to the mining and industrial companies throughout the Illinois Coal Basin and beyond. At RMIS Corporation our customer service is unparalleled, we realize that your business is a privilege and we strive to meet your needs through our dedicated team of employees. In addition to our large in-house inventories RMIS Corporation also has a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers focused on ensuring your needs are met in both a cost effective and timely manner.

RMIS of Fayetteville, WV - Engineering and Construction

Our skilled workers have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry and are equipped to handle the largest building project. Our qualified professionals are certified through EMSHA or the State Fire Marshal and can handle electrical projects of any magnitude. We do it right and according to specifications.

Our Services Include:

  • Electric & Communications
  • Above Ground Construction
  • Engineering Design and Construction
  • Electrical Services Above & Beyond Ground
  • Fiber Optics, CAT 5 and Phone Systems

RMIS Corporation Product List


Rmis Corporation

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Fayetteville, WV 25840
Phone: 1-304-574-3139

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